How to Launder Your bjj kimonos

First Washing

The first time that you wash a gi is the most important. It can really be a make or break time because it really sets the standard for how you’ll treat your gi in the future. If you take care of it from the start (by following this guide), then you can be sure that it will last you a long time.

1. Wash in cold water. Never make use of hot water.
2.Hang or even line dry.*
3.Never use chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach will damage the materials of the gi.
**If you would like your uniform to shrink – It is usually advised that you purchase your uniform according to each brands’ personal sizing chart. When the uniform fits a little too large right out of the bag, a dryer -properly used- may be used make the uniform, “shrink to fit”.
To do this, we all recommend primary washing the gi in cold water after which placing it in the dryer with a lower setting. Check on the kimono every 5-10 minutes until it’s arrived at the desired size, after which hang dry for the duration.
**If you don’t want your gi to contract – In case you do not want your uniform to shrink, clean it on cold and hang dry it. Hang drying will even help the uniform be maintained longer. It’s suitable to dry your gi, just understand or know it fades away more rapidly using this method. The greater processes you put it through, the lesser its longevity.
Subsequent Washings
The directions from this point will continue as if your gi fits your body exactly as you want it to.
1. Wash in cool water.
2.By no means utilize Chlorine bleach.
3.Suspend or line dry.

Optional Suggestions for Blue/Black/Colored uniforms
. Prior to the first wash, saturate the gi from the a sink or tub with 2-3 glasses of of white vinegar as well as water. Permit it to saturate for twenty to thirty minutes, and then wash. This will help to set the colour within your gi as well as minimize its fading.
. On future washes, just use a color safe cleaning agent.
There’s a lot of debate concerning using white vinegar to help secure the colour because plenty of people reason that they will lock in the hue well enough whenever it is still in the factory. I can only confirm to my own dealings, but I have always employed white vinegar to secure the hue and I have never had any kind of color come off my gi and my personal gis keep on being brilliantly coloured in spite of years of training in them.

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