Custom BJJ Gis

Custom BJJ  Gis & GEAR

Custom  Gi / Kimonos
Source Of high Quality materials for Manufacturing.
New & exclusive 100% Cotton pre- shrunk single weave double Pearl weave, Gold weave, Honycomb weave, Platinum weave, Ripstop 14oz . 12oz cotton rip stop,12oz cotton canvas light weight fabric makes the jacket and pant light, strong durable and Provides lightness and strength.

Construction With Reinforced Paneling.
The reinforced panels provide extra strength where you need it, and no extra weight where you don’t.

Extra Firm Lapel.
The Gi collar Wrapped with durable canvas material and the lapel is a resilient foam rubber substance called EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

Durable Canvas And Rip stop Pants.
New & exclusive 100% pre- shrunk 12oz Cotton canvas 100% 12oz cotton rip stop light weight fabric makes the pants light, strong durable and Provides lightness and strength.

High Quality Contrast Stitching.
High quality contrast stitching with unique color contrast combinations that accentuate the modern design of the gi and the superb quality of the stitching. Learn more Customizations available upon request Contact our production team do discuss customization.
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Custom Hoddies :
There are a number of designs available for our hoodies and these can be made in traditional cotton or poly-cotton, or if you want a more upmarket product you can buy our microfiber hoodies with a fleece lining.

All the Hoodies can be embellished with print or embroidery to provide a customised solution to your club needs. 

Custom Rash Guards :
We are manufacturing sublimated and Trim/paneling rash guard to customers requirements and available in any color, and design with 6 needle stitching with coats threads. Our rash guard are among the best available in the market. Sublimated with the best quality Italian inks, These can be made in a variety of materials to suit your needs.

We prefer to use a good quality polyester Lycra 190-200 GSM 84% Polyester 16% Elastane. which enhances the club or brand image/logo when customized with Sublimation printing or silk printing. And we prefer good quality Nylon Lycra 190-200 GSM 80% Nylon 20% Elastane which enhances the club or brand image/logo when customized with only silk/screen printing.

Our ‘Cut & Sew’ MMA Rash Guard can be made with all styles and cuts and panels allows the freedom of movement required by any martial arts discipline and the entire Rash Gaurd is built with a best numbers of needle stitching as per products style need that provides long lasting durability.
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