Custom Designs BJJ Gi / BJJ Kimonos

Develop your custom designs  BJJ Gi/Kimonos


- 450/550 gsm Pearl / Honeycomb / Gold / Platinum Weaves fabric
- One piece jacket with no back seam
- EVA Foam Collar.
- Triple stitched Contrasting color stitch Or same
- Heavy Reinforced Seams
- Tailored Fit
- *Custom Brand logo.
- *Custom woven inner taping
- Inside Mouth guard poket
- 100% cotton
- 100% Preshrink After Washing 4, 5% shrink
- AZO Free
- Design and Cut style available : Atama, Fuji, Koral, Shoyoroll, gracie barra..etc Replica


- Drill cloth100% cotton Pants also Rip stop
- Stretchy Rope Drawstring
- 2, 4,6 Point loop system
- *Gold weave knee pads Or Drill cloth
- *Gold weave gusset Or Drill fabric
- *Contrasting color stitch Or same
- Heavy Reinforced Seams
- *Custom woven inner taping.
- *Custom Woven logo for shoulder, chest...etc.
- *Custom Embroidery Patches, Direct Embroidery.
- *customize Embroidery and Woven lable
- Available Colors: White, Blue, Black, Red.
- New Color: Available Gray, Gold, Dark Gold,chaklate.
- Sizes: Children M0 to M3, ladies F1 to F5, Men A1 to A5
Design and Cut style available: Atama, Fuji, Koral, Shoyoroll, gracie barra..etc

Also Fabric is available Honeycomb Weave, Gold Weave, Platinum Weaves, Rip Stop 14/16oz

Custom T-Shirts ( Men T-Shirts )

Custom T-Shirts made of high quality 100% cotton fabric,  65/35 % poly-cotton or 100% polyester  fabric. T-Shirts produced in different weight form 160 gm, 180 gm, 210 gm. Can be produced in any required color. Customer can have required screen printed logo ,embroidery , private label as per his requirements

Men T-Shirts

Our factory have extensive experience different kinds of clothes with competitive prices
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitus Manufacturing Company in PAKISTAN

A Custom Gi Manufacturing Unit.
BJJ GI SUPPLY Providing customized ( Custom BJJ ) solution for the Gi  / Kimonos and MMA clothing in customer required colors logos and driect  embroidery, embroidery patches, woven patches, screen printings Patches, or as per buyer Style. As one of the largest Gi  manufacturers in    Pakistan, BJJ GI SUPPLY providing very highest quality standard Gi / Kimonos and MMA clothing generally free of major flaw and errors, providing   customized solutions for our customers. We source only the best materials for manufacturing.   Since Feb of 1998, BJJ GI SUPPLY has been providing customers with nothing but the best in quality Brazillian jiu jitsu & MMA clothing.
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Compression Long Sleeve Rash Guards

Compression long sleeve Rash Guards
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