Special Gi's

Special Gi
Profession Lining Bjj Gi's
We can develop your custom designs as per your choice.
1- Jacket fabric is available gold weave. Pearl weave. honey comb, Rip Stop,
2- Pant Fabric is available Rip Stop , Drill cloth, canvas
3-   It’s a ni It makes the GI very comfortable and helps avoid gi bjj burns when you GI is rubbing on your skin.
4.- not have any uniform in stock. we do fresh on order.
5- 100% cotton Jiu-Jitsu gi also available in PC .
6- Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi's are made from 1 piece of fabric (no seam in the back) for strength, comfort and durability.
7- Thick and soft collar made with 1 piece of vulcanized rubber inside. This helps keep this BJJ gi light (doesn't get soaked with sweat), allows the gi dry faster and does not allow bacteria and fungus to remain inside the collar. 
8- Color is available White,  black ,blue
9-  not white belts are include.
10- I produce in customer required colors , logos and printings Patches or as per buyer Style.